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Susan W. Abrams, M.Ed.
Master Certified Coach
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Ten Reasons to Hire Me as
Your Coach

1. I'm fun.
I bring lightness and humor into a coaching relationship. This creates buoyancy and energy that can shift a client into an optimistic perspective. Clients recapture the delight we had as toddlers in learning through day-to-day life.

2. I am genuine and compassionate.
My clients feel loved, accepted, and valued. One strength I bring to coaching is my own background of life experience. Triumph over my own fears, anguish, mistakes, and life challenges has not only deepened my capacity to understand, but has given me many tools and suggestions to share.

3. I am energetic and honest.
Clients enjoy the feel of our upbeat, authentic, and straightforward sessions. Together we convert problems into opportunities to grow, make choices, clarify values, and to strengthen character.

4. I want the best for clients.
I believe in my clients and their dreams. Clients can count on me to serve on their behalf as they create the quality of life they want.

5. I build on the client's strengths.
I mirror back the client's best self and opportunities for evolving into the fullest expression of who they want to be. With coaching, clients develop self-esteem, self-trust, and confidence.

6. I help clients get "unstuck."
Together we discern the source of blockage or self-sabotaging behaviors and create a momentum and attitude shift that allows for endless possibilities. My clients often see with "new eyes."

7. I am a highly skilled listener.
I listen non-judgmentally and ask non-directive questions to assist clients in accessing their own answers. My clients gain clarity, make decisions they can stand behind 100%, and let go of the "...but, what if''s?"

8. I "get" my clients.
I listen and observe intuitively. I hear what is not said as well as what is said. I am present for my clients. They feel heard and understood.

9. I am certified in the Option ProcessŪ Dialogue.
With this tool as well as my coaching skills, I am able to help the client quickly identify and discard self-defeating beliefs leading to greater happiness, healthier relationships, and increased success in reaching goals.

10. I am a peacemaker.
I work with clients to make peace with their past and stressful life events. My clients learn to channel their energies into going towards their wants vs. away from their fears. Rather than investing precious time and energy in being unhappy or dwelling in the past, clients learn to invest their time, creativity, and energy in pursuing a fulfilling life.


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