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Susan W. Abrams, M.Ed.
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Client Comments

"Susan has a way of helping me to make sense of myself. I know I'm a complicated individual that has tried for years to understand who I am and how God has made me. In our months together, Susan has been able to help me to uncover my gifts, appreciate my uniqueness', and develop my strengths. I appreciate her openness, honesty and encouragement and have grown because of it."
D.D. Elliot, Entrepreneur, Chicago, IL

"Susan provided the tools and the example that allowed for fast and lasting change to our business."
Jennifer Pyrzanowski, co-owner, The Healing Place, Lenox, MA

"I wanted to tell you I felt 50 lbs. LIGHTER after our session this morning. Floated through the day. Thank you for imparting your wisdom on my soul."
Denise, Social Worker, Iowa

"Every time I speak to Susan I feel energized, refocused, and excited about life. I am always amazed with her insights and deep understandings of life's challenges. I would encourage anyone looking to change their life to begin coaching with Susan."
Jim Nowicki, Co-owner of The Healing Place, Lenox, MA

"Thanks so much for the Dialogue session Thursday evening. It was a fascinating process! I noticed several beliefs and habits that I had not been consciously aware of. Thank you very much for helping me to see these. This awareness is already shifting my thinking and actions. Many thanks!"
Leslie Cardinal, Business Coach, San Antonio, TX

"Coaching with Susan allowed me to quickly see what was holding me back and to start moving forward immediately. The Option Process® Dialogue is a very powerful tool to use if you feel "stuck" in a particular area. It made it very clear to me why I wasn't able to take action and what I needed to do."
Kathy Hill, New Life and Career Coach, North Carolina

"Just a quick message to say really thank you for your sharing your special gifts with me. Really felt validated (about the Joy and keeping same alive) and busy (in my sub-conscious) thinking where other sad/blocked memories could be changed into happy ones!?" Joanna Khoie Coach, The Outback, Australia

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